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A little appreciation gift to all of you who still belong to .:StoRin:. group, a small sample of poses with a swim ring! If you’re not in the group, just teleport to .:StoRin:. and click the sign to join the group, and read the latest history!

The poses inside the gift were made to work with the swim ring, and are inspired by vacations!

.:StoRin:. [group gift] - Vacation Time

TELEPORT to .:StoRin:. *now* to join the group if you’re not in it yet!


Latest release from .:StoRin:.
p22 – Rubber Duck


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Hi you all!

I have a quick announce to make. I forgot to tell you that all male clothes available at Lalique are also available at the Xstreet SL site.

Also all the other items are available, so it is very easy to shop!

One more thing… a sneak a peek of what’s to come very very soon!

A new male shirt, that will be out tonight or tomorrow!!! I am being good for the boys 😉 Yes! ‘Cuz if you haven’t heard already, I’ve also sent a group gift to my group, with a surprise for the guys! If you’re not in the group yet, go to Lalique and touch the sign! Then check the history, and receive your gift!


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Join the hippo group in the store here and get the exclusive group gift for this month! Every month (if I don’t forget this) I’ll be giving away one exclusive gift for all the people in the group! I hope you like it 🙂

This month, and exclusive pink version of the Efemera Belt, because my friend Hethr Engel was sad because I’ve not done a pink one! So, here she have 🙂 Hope you like it Hethr!

In the picture, I am wearing skin from Redgrave, hair from Truth, tank from Ornamental Life and jeans from Celestial Studio.

Taxi to the store here!


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With the new brand .:StoRin:. and the new store, there are some changes in my way of work and showing my products!

First of all, to keep the store all tidy and clean, I have decided to divide the store into sections, and each section has a different categorie, like new releases, clothing, accessoires, posepacks and poseballs. With time, I’ll probably have to merge this things, but so far it is all (almost all) divided, making it easy to find! In the store you’ll find a map with easy teleport to each one of the sections, like this one!

Store Map

Another great news, is that I got a hippo group! You can now join the .:StoRin:. group without taking up a group slot. Just go to the store and touch the sign once to join, twice to read the old messages or to unsubscribe! If you belong to the group, you’ll be able to receive important announcments, new releases, special sales and random gifts! So, what you’re waiting? Teleport now, and join the group!

storin group

So, I hope to see you all there, in the store, and belonging to the group! Come take a look to the new stuff and enjoy the sidewalk! Byee


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