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We are participating in the Zombie Pop Corn Hunt with a very cool gift! So hurry up starting the hunt at the Zombie Pop Corn HQ and follow the LM’s inside the folders you grab along the way! You can also check the Zombie Pop Corn Blog for hints on how to find the items.

As for our gift, we’ve made a very cool prop! Too much is never enough! I mean,clothes for girls are never enough! So when we travel we need to take everything with us! And then… our suitcase doesn’t close! .:StoRin:. helps you close the Damn Bag!

.:StoRin:. Damn Bag

.:StoRin:. Damn Bag is a prop with 3 poses, scripted, that also includes the single poses and the unscripted suitcase inside! Is has 12 prims, in case you need to rez it! I hope you like it!

The hunt will happen from April 15th until May 2nd.



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