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I am working on updating prices and all the listings on the Marketplace so you can see how prices will be as I open the new store. I am also updating the discontinued items that will be only available there. While there, pick up the dollarbie available, and look for all the previous releases!

As for the inworld store, well I promise news very very soon! I am working hard to make things ready. While it is not oppened, please make sure to visit the old one and pick your favourite items in the sale sections.
Keep your eyes on the new blog because all the news will be updated here!

❤ Ann


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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that the latest sets of poses are now available at Xstreet SL.

I strongly recomend for you to go and try the poses at Lalique or Albero, because as you all know, not all shapes are equals and sometimes poses don’t fit our own shape! But if you want to skip this step, you can use Xstreet SL to shop!

p19 - something cute

.:StoRin:. p20 - curvilicious

Teleport to .:StoRin:. at Lalique or at Albero *now*!


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The vendors of Pose Fair 2010 have collaborated on one HUGE pose set – one for each gender.All of these poses are exclusive to the fair, and will not be available after April 16th.

You can also grab them at SL Xstreet.


4508030462_c6eb28ee3a (1)

Only until tomorrow, so don’t miss this deal at the Pose Fair.


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By now, you already know about the new releases available at my store, .:StoRin:. at Lalique. Today, I just want to add that Berry High Waist Jeans, Shorts and Skirts are also available at Xstreet SL.

Berry's Ad

Go get the newness at Lalique or at Xstreet SL.


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